A few weeks ago I spent three nights attending a RAD class with my mom. RAD is a free self defense class for girls. It was so much fun! The first night we were taught how to prevent an attack. The second night we learned the defense moves. The third night we got to beat up a couple police officers in red suits! It was so much fun! I was a little nervous at first that I wouldn’t do very well, but I did great. I think all girls should take this class (no matter what age). Have I mentioned the fact that it was really, really fun?!

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Ok, we have now added calves to our list of animals. We have three of our own; Lil’Bit. Isadora, and Titan. We are also running a sort of calf hotel. We are given one to three calves every couple of days until we get about ten. They are then moved to their new, more permanent home. Going back to our calves, Lil’Bit and Isadora were given to us for free due to their having been born prematurely. Titan we bought because he was the biggest and the sweetest. Here are a few pictures of them. Isadora is the one in the first picture and Lil’Bit is the one in the second. I do not have any pictures of Titan but I will try to post his picture later.

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Paul Ryan with His Bow

He is Catholic and an archer?! I think I like this guy!

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Ok, I know I was going to post about Nationals and our trip to South Carolina but we had family visit so I am going to write about that instead. Last week my grandmother (who I have not seen since I was ten), and my Aunt Carry and her two children; Gabby and Blake, stopped by our house on their way home. While they were here we were able to replace some very out dated family pictures. Here are a few of the pictures we took.

Cousins, from oldest to youngest: Myself, Lucas, Amelia, Gabby, Paul, Blake, Joshua, Laura, Jane, Sarah, Max, Joanna, Maggie, and Rita.
Sadly my mom’s youngest sibling, Uncle Andrew, was not present. Speaking of my mom’s younger brother we were able to see him and his now fiance Valery while in SC. Here is a picture of the two of them. Congratulations Uncle Andrew and Valery!

I was wonderful to be able to see my grandmother, aunt, and cousins again. Hopefully they will be coming for an extended visit next summer.

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Hang On

Two post will be coming (hopefully) soon. One will be about Nationals and the other our vacation in South Carolina.

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Hold Me By Jamie Grace

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Faith and Country

“Here lies Robert Peckham, Englishman and Catholic, who, after England’s break with the Church, left England, not being able to live with out the Faith, and who, coming to Rome, died, not being able to live without his country.”
-Epitaph in the Church of San Gregorio in Rome

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It is so sad that these people can lie to the very people they claim to be helping.

“God bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her thru the night with a light from above.”

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Ten Years of Fun: The W’s and the Bu’s

My friend Julia Bu and I were looking at old pictures of us and our families together.  This gave me the idea for a picture post of us and the Bu’s. Ten years ago we met the Bu’s at a Homeschool group in South FL.  At that time they had one boy, Joseph; two girls, Julia, and Mary Jane; and a fourth child, Patrick, on the way.  A few weeks later we invited them and several others to our  house to play. That day was the first of many great days spent with them (though I am not sure Mary Jane will agree since she ended up getting her fingers smashed:-).

Here are pictures of us over the years (sorry they are out of order).  Some of these pics are from our resent archery trip to KY and their house. :-)

P.S. Some of the people in these pics are W-Cousins

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NFAA Indoor National Championships and Best/Old Friends

Two weeks ago was the NFAA Indoor National Championships (INC) in KY.  My family (except for my dad who had to work) and I got to drive to KY for it.  This was my first tournament without anyone from our JOAD club going with me which was a little bit strange.  But I had a wonderful time and am so glad I got to go.

We left early March 29 to start our drive to Louisville, KY (where the INC was being held).  We spent the night at a hotel just after we crossed into KY.   It was a great hotel; a perfect reading spot on one of the walls, a beautiful park behind it, and comfortable rooms.  We finished our drive the next day arriving at our friends, the Bu’s, house at 2:00pm (the exact time my mother predicted we would get there).

The Bu’s house is not far from where the INC was held so they invited us to stay with them while we were up there.  We have been very close to Bu’s since I was five years old. And even though they moved to KY several years ago we have stayed close to them; so it was wonderful to be able to spend the INC hanging out with them.

The first day we were there Joseph, Julia, and Mary Jane (the three oldest Bu’s), my mom, Papa, and myself visited the facility were the INC was being held so I could get used to the facility and shoot for a little while. We also went to the Old Spaghetti Factory downtown for lunch.  It was great getting to hang out with them since I had not gotten to in almost a year.

The next day, since I did not have to shoot until 3:30, Joseph, Julia, Mary Jane, and I just hung out around their house/neighborhood having a great time until it was time to go.  That afternoon Aunt Kirsten, Henry (the baby of the family), Amelia, and the three oldest Bu’s came with Mom, Papa, and me to the first day of shooting to cheer me on.  I shot really well and started the second day fourth (just one point behind third).

I did not shoot as well on the second day as I had on the first day; it was not a bad score though.  I may have lost two points that second day because  I did not pay enough attention to what the scorers were putting down, and there where some discrepancies between the two score sheets (it would not have made a difference in my ranking if I had those two extra points so it was not that bad).  I ended up 6 out of 11.

That night Mom, Papa, Julia, and I went to mass at Cathedral of the Assumption (the others had stuff they had to do and could not come to the final day of the INC). That night Joseph, Julia, and I stayed up past midnight talking, trying to get as much time together as possible before they had to go to school and I had to leave the next morning.  We stayed up until after midnight but it was worth it (though I am not sure how school went for them with only a few hours of sleep).

We left around 10:00 am the next day.  It was hard saying goodbye, but hopefully we will be seeing them in just a few months.  On our way out of Louisville we stopped at St. Martin of Toures Catholic Church to see the two martyrs that are there and show the beautiful church to Papa.  We then we drove strait home; getting back at around midnight.  It was a great trip and I am so glad I got the chance to go.  I hope to be able to do it again next year.

Sorry there are so few pictures but it would take a long time to find the rest.  Maybe I will put up some more later.

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